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"Alva Leigh writes undeniably catchy pop songs. I’m talking ‘tie your earphones in a knot, sing at the top of your lungs and pretend the kids at the back of the bus can’t hear you’ catchy." - DRUNKEN WEREWOLF

'Playing warm, compelling folk pop with a dash of jazz, Alva is like a poppier Tori Amos or bluesy Regina Spektor.' - FOR FOLK'S SAKE

'Alva's addictive piano hooks and gloomy ruminating lyrics provide the perfect balance of angsty country pop and cleverly executed nods to the reality of love, life and those weird things, y'know, feelings.' - YOUNG GOLD TEETH

Alva grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, an hour east of New Orleans. In 2005, she moved to Nashville to study religion and literature at Belmont University, performing and writing on the Nashville circuit all throughout university. 


With pretty melodies and lush vocals that nod to the likes of Rilo Kiley and Regina Spektor, Alva’s brooding piano pop has already received commercial success over in the States when her single 'Calling Me' was used in an episode of the TV medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Alva's newest album, Modern Love Songs dances between joyful celebrations of love, introspective contemplations on loss, wistful stories from her southern past. Produced by John Mark Painter (Ben Folds), the album is full of classic folk-pop songs with lush, genre-transcending arrangements. The title track, an "undeniably catchy pop song" about staying in love was released as a single on Alva’s own label in March 2014. Songs like 'Somewhere' and 'Be My Baby’ illuminate the beautiful yet subtle country tones – reminiscent of Patty Griffin – in Alva’s vocal. A sense of timelessness prevails on the reflective piano-led ‘Salt of the Same Ocean’ and ‘Breakers of Our Own Hearts’, which might have come from any decade in the last 50 years.

Modern Love Songs is available from iTunes, Amazon, and her MusicGlue shop for physical copies.

In 2014, Alva teamed up with Welsh singer-songwriter Al Lewis to form an alt-country, Americana duo, called Lewis & LeighLearn more about their music here

Alva also keeps a personal blog about songwriting, inspiration, fashion and life as an expat in London.

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